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Todd Pazz and Tyler Young Talk on Community Involvement in NMU Hockey



NMU Hockey
NMU Hockey

Todd Pazz talked with Tyler Young on the 8th Day Show. Tyler is a fellow show host at mediaBrew Communications and lifelong fan of NMU Hockey, so Todd brought him on to ask about his thoughts regarding the current season.


Tyler was first brought to an NMU Hockey game when he was 6th months old, and went every season until he graduated High School. He can count the games he missed on two hands. Recently, the NMU Vs. Michigan Tech Hockey Series was postponed due to COVID-19. While some fans were saddened by this information, Tyler and many others agree that taking the time to keep fans healthy is just as important as the game itself. In recent years, COVID-19 restrictions had prevented fans from seeing their favorite players in person. This dramatically affected both

NMU Hockey is the only Division One College sport at NMU, and it has only other D1 competitor in the UP, Michigan Tech. This rivalry has sparked years of amazing games and core memories for Tyler. One of his first memories actually involved a line brawl between the two. Watching his father and fellow fans ignite with fury and ferocious passion is yet another example of how an empty arena can change the game entirely. Tyler encourages people to come out and support their D1 athletes, since so many other colleges had D1 rankings but lost them due to low community involvement and support from their universities.

there was once a D1 hockey team,the Alabama-Huntsville chargers, and due to low support from the community and the University their program was cut entirely. The team setup a GoFundMe to support the team for another year and made over $1 million dollars, and if it wasn’t for fan support their careers would’ve ended before they truly began. Recently Bob Cowell and Kathleen Olivier donated a $1 million endowment fund in support of the NMU Hockey team. These funds are vital to team transportation, facility development and team recruitment. this a perfect example of

So far this year, NMU has polled to be #19 of 59 in the latest USCHO rankings, and in their most recent series they hosted the number one team in the nation, The Minnesota State Mankato Mavericks. They won the first game but faced a harrowing defeat during the second match on Saturday. This season, they have hosted the Mavericks 4 times this season, and won all other matches resulting in a 3-1 record against the college.He believes that since the new coach, Grant Potulny has caused a definite uptick in performance as well. He also says that the team has “room for improvement” and if they work hard they can have a great ending to their season.

Tyler has a show in the afternoon on Sunny 101.9, which is available from Monday-Saturday . He also does the daily sports drive on Fox Sports Marquette with Luke Giardi from 3-4, and a Marquette High School sports show called Redman Roundup on Wednesday from 6-7.


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