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New Video Features That’ll Make The Internet More Awesome!


VIDMarquette-April 15, 2015-For over 10 years, YouTube has given us millions of videos to make us laugh, think, cry, learn, and most often, waste time.The first video ever, “Me at the zoo” was a poor quality, cell phone video shot at the San Diego Zoo, with the site’s cofounder Jawed Karim expressing how long the elephant’s trunks are.

Now it is 2015, and Youtube allows you to upload all kinds of video formats that weren’t even imaginable ten years ago.

4K Ultra HD

That very first Youtube video was shot in 240p, which was the standard for television and other videos at the time. We are now in a world were 1080p (HD) is now the standard, and anything less than that hurts our eyes to look at. While 1080p provides a very clear view, there is now a new generation of video quality: 4K UHD, which is 4320p (4X the pixels of HD).

Youtube has allowed 4K UHD uploads for over a year now, but it’s popularity is very low for two obvious reasons: not many cameras shoot in 4K, and not many monitors can view 4K. Many 4K televisions and monitors are available for purchase, but at very high prices. It’s a transition similar to the transition from standard TV to HD, it’ll take years for the average user to make the upgrade. For those of you who have already upgraded to a 4K monitor, enjoy the beauty of some of the coolest 4K videos out so far, like the SpaceX Launch, this GoPro compilation, and this Red Bull Sports Video.

360-Degree Videos

Since the invention of videos, one thing has always been true: the perspective, angle, and movement of the video was always up to the creator of it. The idea of 360-Degree videos destroys all of those concepts, giving the viewer the option to rotate the video in any direction, live and uninterrupted. The coolest thing about 360-Degree videos is that even if you don’t have the technology to shoot/edit one, almost everybody with a smartphone has the technology to fully enjoy one. Youtube’s mobile app lets you navigate around 360-Degree videos in two ways: You can use your finger to drag the video, or you can move the phone in the direction you want to look. If you really wanted to fully enjoy the experience, you could strap your phone around your head with the screen in front of your eyes, and experience a cheap Virtual-Reality.

Youtube released the 360-Degree format within the year, and there’s already alot of cool videos to experience, like this life-like racing video, this random and crazy VR demo, or this Hot Air Balloon ride.


Have you seen any cool 4K or 360-Degree Videos? Share them below!

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