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Shoveling Dog, Canadian-Kindness and more- Uplifting News 3/6/15


Lot’s of Uplifting News out there today to remind you that the world IS a great place! Here’s my favorite Uplifting News Stories:

An Elephant Never Forgets, but He Can Retire: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced yesterday that they will be ending all of the elephant acts in their shows, after years of pressure from animal rights activist groups that felt the elephants were not treated well.

Off-Duty Cop Gives a Young Student a Ride Home, and then a Ride of his Own– Officer John Shipman with the Jonesboro Police Department noticed a young teenager walking home from work on a very cold night in Arkansas, and gave him a ride home. But it didn’t end there, after the Officer posted about the ASU student James Taylor, a GoFundMe page was made to raise money to buy the kid a car, which has raised over $2,160 in 3 days.

‘Bubble Boy’ Hits the Books- Eight-year-old Gabriel Dispenziere has never stepped into a classroom before because of a rare alergy that forces him to avoid food, and anyone who has recently eaten. (Pretty hard to avoid without staying home all day) But this year, with the help of Riverhead Central School District’s special education department, Gabriel has been able to experience a classroom for the first time in his life using a Facetime app to interact with students and teachers.

There’s No Kindness Like Canadian Kindness- A family-owned tire shop in the Toronto area was startled to realize that they had forgotten to lock up their shop overnight, but the video camera surveillance showed something interesting: 5 people walked in assuming the store was open, but walked out without taking anything. Actually, the last person locked the door behind him and changed the sign to closed!

Also, watch this dog shovel:


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