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Save Big Dollars – like 40% to 50% off Cool Name Brand Items On Sunny 1019’s Shopping Show


What does Papa Murphys, Jeffrey’s restaurant, Perkins, Hudson’s and Fatt Boyz all have in common?  They’re all great restaurants that everybody likes, and they are all on Sunny 101.9’s Shopping Show.

  • How can you get Hardee’s Burghers or Big Boy certificates  at 40% off?

    This is how it feels to save so much money!
  • How do you get oil changes for $10 or $15 off?
  • How can you get $50o of new tires for $399?

Today again, we had 2 listeners call during our LIVE show asking about how it all works.  It’s always fun to bring another new friend along to extreme savings on name brands, the best restaurants, and the best business that Marquette has to offer.

To save a lot of money, call 906-228-6800 to order from 8:30a to 5pm Mon-Friday. Or order on-line anytime with paypal or visa at www.upbargains.com

I’ve been doing the local Shopping Show for 13 years now saving people millions of dollars over that period.


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