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Da5: Biggest Lies in TV


Last night a man with a name that sounds like mine was suspended 6 months for a lie he told on the air 12 years ago. Was this the first lie in TV history? Of course not. The TV lies to us everyday.

Here are Da5 Biggest Lies in TV:

#5-“After this short break” Don’t believe the TV hosts, a 5 minute break is not a short break. Especially in a 30 minute show. You might as well call the show a short break from the lengthy series of advertisements.

#4-“The Movie of the Year” I’m not a mathamatician, but how can EVERY movie be MOVIE OF THE YEAR? You’re fooling nobody, movie studios. I’d feel much more compelled to go see a movie that calls itself “The Third Best Movie of the Week”.

#3-“Coming Up Next” Nothing makes me feel more disappointed then getting excited for the part of the show that’s “coming up next” and not getting to see it until the end of the show. This is why I have trust issues. Well, that, and oatmeal cookies.

#2-“MTV will not view submissions” So, you’re telling me that thousands of idiots send you videos of them doing incredibly stupid things in the hopes of being on Jackass/Ridiculousness/etc. and you don’t watch them? Not even once? I’m calling a bluff here, MTV. I know when one of your producers are having a uneventful day they probably cue up a bunch of submissions for a good laugh.

#1-“I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Yes, Bill won this and every contest regarding hilariously bad lies in TV history. You should have just kept it real, Bill.

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