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I’m Thankful for Sunny Skies (Hint, Hint, Upper Michigan)


I’m THANKFUL for Sunny Skies (Hint, Hint, Upper Michigan)

On this fine Thanksgiving (November 22, 2012) I am thankful for many things:

Sunny Skies.

Pumkin Pie.

Locally Brewed Beer.

Jazz – both the music and my kid.

My “other” kid, Brock and his mom, Tanya. I love you both. You rock as humans.

I’m thankful that my husband, Peter, is the cook in the family because I haven’t a clue what to do with meat that weighs over a ¼ pound(er).

I’m thankful for the pushup bra (If you’ve met me know why…and you can assume I’m wearing one).

Mom. Mom. Mom.

High heels – they take 10 pounds off! They should be the 8th wonder…

Scarfs that are functional and fashionable. If it’s under 80, I’m freezing from the neck down.

I’m thankful for all the flexibility I have in my life thanks to a great boss…and lots of yoga!

For Adam Levine being a judge on The Voice. I’m very thankful for that.

For dogs that don’t bark. I don’t have one, but if I did, I’d sure be thankful!!

For the Keurig. Damn, I’ve totally caved…and now I’m hooked on a perfect cup of coffee – every time.

For honesty.

For ambition.

For never giving up on dreams.

For my naturally ability to emote and cry and let it all out. For that, I’m thankful I’m a chick.

I’m thankful for Google Maps. I get lost in my hometown on a weekly basis.

And I’d be really thankful for an APP that could get me out of a building that has more than one floor.

And I’m thankful for people who are always “good to people!”

In the words of my buddy, Kris Wagner Wittenberg, “Be Good to People.” It’s my favorite saying. My motto. And the only real “plan” I can plan on for life.

Lisa Cerasoli, Author and happy employee at Great Lakes Radio


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