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19th Annual Marquette Area Blues Fest In Full Swing Last Night | SEE PHOTOS


Marquette, MI –  

Yesterday was a scorcher on the second day of the 19th annual Marquette Area Blues Fest! The sky was blue, and the sun was beating down. That didn’t stop the die-hard blues fans! There were plenty of people out in the sunshine swingin’ away from start to sundown.

Some fantastic blues musicians played on stage including:

  • Bahluze
  • The Organgrinders Blues Band
  • Adrianna Marie and her Groovecutters
  • The Ivy Ford Band
  • & The Larry McCray Band

Each band had the patrons tearing up the dance floor! Because of the heat, the dance floor didn’t really get going until later in the evening. However, there were some folks cutting the rug in the sunbeams from the beginning! Grooving without a care for the intense temperatures. With amazing tunes like the ones from yesterday, you can’t blame them. Some absolute world-class blues performances went down. Today on the Third day of Blues Fest be sure to bring sunscreen, a parasol, and looooooots of water! Have fun and swing on!

Please enjoy these photos from an absolutely wonderful day of blues, funk, and more!


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