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The After-Glow Party Was a Success


Great Lakes Radio, Marquette Charter Township and Applebee’s Hosted a Great Party

The food line!

With over 150 cars, the after the convention After-Glow Party at Applebee’s was a hit! People came from all around to show off their classic cars and enjoy a delicious meal. But they weren’t the only ones to enjoy the party…families also came to see the cars and win some prizes.

Talking with Marquette Township Community Events Chair LeAnne Kachmarsky, and Township Manager Randy Girard, on the Sunny Morning Show with Walt and Mike sure got the word out to community members. Over 500 came and went during the party and there was a long line for brats! Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta, also did a live interview on Sunny 101.9, which people across the U.P. heard and drove in to have some fun!

Applebee’s area director, Mitch Ohman, spoke on Sunny 101.9 live and thanked all for coming and displaying their cars. Everyone thanked him for such a great meal!

A special THANK YOU to Great Lakes Radio, along with LeAnne, Randy, Mitch and a whole bunch of other volunteers who worked hard and made the After-Glow Party a huge success for the community!

Another great car!
A beautiful classic car



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