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Laptop Distribution at Northern Michigan University


Marquette, MI– August 25, 2011 – Northern Michigan University and over 9,000 students, faculty, and staff are ongoing participants in NMU’s TLC notebook initiative. Registered students at NMU that have paid their tuition are eligible for a notebook computer.  NMU is one of few universities that provide students, faculty, and staff with a laptop computer.

Laptop Distribution at The Superior Dome

The Teaching, Learning, and Communication notebook initiative promises each member of this program a new ThinkPad or MacBook every two years.  Art and design majors receive the MacBook computers and is associated with an additional $150 fee per semester.  Along with the current model computer, walk-in, telephone, and e-mail help desk and software support is offered.   Damages are fixed after a $50 deductible is paid and theft is covered with a $500 stolen insurance fee.  Wired, wireless, and dial-in internet network connectivity is pre-configured into each individual laptop.

Computer Distribution is Thursday, August 25 through Friday, August 26 at the Superior Dome on the campus of Northern Michigan University.  For more information visit here.


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