Great Lakes Radio Sizzling Summer Sweepstakes a Success!

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Just four clowns enjoying the party.

Just four clowns enjoying the party.

It was a fun night out at Red Rock Lanes in Ishpeming on Thursday!  With plenty of prizes, fun, games, and food and drink from Mama Russo’s, another fantastic Great Lakes Radio giveaway has come and gone.  This time, it was a sauna that we were giving away.  Not just any sauna though.  This one was an infrared sauna from Superior Stoves & Fireplaces in Harvey.  A beauty, if I do say so myself.

Like I said, I got to call some BINGO.   I swear to drunk, I'm not God.

Like I said, I got to call some BINGO.
I swear to drunk, I’m not God.

With plenty of time to mingle, the GLR staff was able to talk with a lot of members of the community, some from as far away as Newberry!  People were also treated to a good atmosphere courtesy of the tunes being played from SunnyFM, and a fantastic show put on by Dee Dee & Dennis….yeah, that happened.

I myself, got to run a bit of the show, eat some delicious food, and even call one of the BINGO games.  After four games of BINGO were over, we had our five finalists (There was a tie in one game).  The five went up and chose their envelopes, one for each of our stations:  SunnyFM, 98.3WRUP, 103-FXD, GTO, and one for Great Lakes Radio in general.

Our esteemed Mr. Luke Noordyk gave the count-down, and the envelopes were ripped open to see who won.  The winner was…..


Shelly Russell of Skandia Wins a New Sauna

I got to celebrate alongside Shelly! Although, she said I wasn’t invited to sauna. :'(

Shelly was very excited to win such a Yooper oriented prize, and we all celebrated with her.


At least I wasn't the only one with a clipped wing at the party!

At least I wasn’t the only one with a clipped wing at the party!

It’s always a lot of fun when we here at Great lakes Radio can mingle with all of you in the community, and it was great to see all of you come out.  Be sure to register for our next giveaway here on Sunny.FM!  It’s a $12,500 bathroom makeover from Champion Glass, Stone Reflections, Matthews Floor Fashions, and Trudell Plumbing & Heating!

Once again, thank you to everybody who registered and made their way out to Ishpeming on Thursday!  If you’d like to see more pictures from the event, be sure to click HERE!  Catch me more on the Workday Wind-down on SunnyFM!

-Carl Leander

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