Michigan Tech Announces Tuition Decrease

    Michigan Technological University
    Michigan Technological University

    Houghton, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Michigan Tech University is lowering a previously passed tuition increase in response to higher education appropriations in the new state budget.

    Officials made the change following approval of a 1.6 percent increase in state funding for the Houghton university.

    The new budget, signed this week by the governor, also sets a 3.2 percent tuition cap for resident undergraduates at all state universities.

    A preliminary budget approved by MTU’s Board in May included a 3.9 percent increase, based on expectations that the university would receive no increase in state appropriations.

    At that time, the Board promised to adjust the budget and tuition based on final appropriations and tuition caps set by the state.

    As a result, Michigan Tech has lowered its resident undergraduate tuition rate increase for next year from 3.9 percent to an average of 3.1 percent which comes in under the mandated tuition cap.






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