UP Bargains Daily Deal – Jet Black Sealcoating and Repair


    Jet-Black carries the highest quality sealant possible with the perfect mix of the best additives for your climate. The Shopping Show would like to help you improve the condition of your current driveway

    This is a $250 repair certificate to repair cracks and seal your pavement into a beautiful Rated A+ look by the Better Business Bureau for your driveway.

    Jet logo

    Brandon and his team use Hot Rubber Crack Filler so as your driveway shifts it too gives a little. Jet Black sealant restores, weatherproofs, and protects like no other. It’s brush applied not sprayed so it won’t get all over your grass, sidewalk or siding.

    New estimate must be scheduled – NOT valid with any other offer! For more info, visit Jet Black.

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