ACTIVE Physical Therapy Encourages Properly Preparing To Avoid Summer Injuries

    ACTIVE Physical Therapy
    ACTIVE Physical Therapy

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio) – As the summer begins to unfold, physical activities increase for many people and so does the risk for injury.

    Holly Boburka, an athletic trainer with ACTIVE Physical Therapy, joined Mike Plourde today on the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike to talk about ways to work to avoid those injuries.

    Boburka talked about several tips to use to get properly warmed up and ready as you get moving and active this summer.

    She said one of the basic tips is to remember that our muscles are like rubber bands and if you stretch them out when they are cold, they can snap.

    When they are warm, they simply work better and are not as prone to damage and that is why effective warm-ups are key in preventing injuries.

    LISTEN IN – ACTIVE Physical Therapy Athletic Trainer Holly Boburka with more tips for getting safely and effective warmed up for summer activities.

    VISIT – The ACTIVE Physical Therapy website for more information.


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