The End of an Era….Middays With Dee Dee Coming to an End….


    It is the end of an era…the closing of one chapter and the opening of a new one. The book of life is being written every day, each new day bringing about changes, some small, and some really big. While change is inevitable, we seem to like it better if it comes in small steps. But, I tend to be one to step out big when I step out and that is what I am going to do. Retirement….a really big step.

    I never thought of this day fourteen and a half years ago when I began my time with Great Lakes Radio. It has been a great run and I have loved every minute of it. From working with some absolutely fabulous, wild and crazy people, to meeting new people, to learning something new every day, it has been one heck of an adventure. Retirement wasn’t even on the radar until a couple of years ago, and when I did think about it, I was not quick to pull the trigger

    Leaving the U.P. for warmer weather and a chance to be closer to my family was the first step toward self-preservation. My Raynaud’s Syndrome and SADD ( Seasonal Affected Depression Disorder) have progressed with time,  making each winter harder and harder to deal with. Being away from my family for over 40 years has also been very hard to deal with and the loss of two of my sisters in the last few years kind of put me over the edge. I needed to be closer to my two remaining siblings.  Thus, my husband and I began the search for a retirement home in the South. We purchased a home in Valdosta, Georgia in March of 2016.  After a six month process of moving, I took up residence in my new home with my cats and my birds. My husband remained in the U.P. to sell our Marquette home.

    I was not ready to give up Sunny FM when I moved. I had taken my show on the road before, so it seemed logical to take it with me to Georgia. Through the magic of computers, processors, microphones, and the internet, Middays With Dee Dee transitioned relatively seamless from Marquette to Georgia. I gained a new home, got closer to my brothers, and also found a new church family. Soon came all the new adventures in my new community…music opportunities, working with Habitat for Humanity, helping out with the local soup kitchen, volunteering for the Salvation Army, and more. Then the big birthday of 62 happened, and the house in Marquette was sold.

    Retirement…social security…big changes for me…and big changes for Sunny FM. The decision to leave has been a difficult one, but I feel it is the right thing for me to do. I wish the best for the new person who comes into my place…I wish for them the same life-changing adventures I experienced. And for all you listeners, thank you for all the wonderful years. To all the new friends I made at the giveaway parties and other station events, I wish you the best life has to offer because you are the best! It has been a great run. Godspeed to you all. My time with you will never be forgotten.


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