We’re Live from Wendy’s Giving Away Free Lunches During Today’s Grand Re-Opening in Marquette

    Tune in to listen along during the Wendy's Grand Re-opening.
    Tune in to listen along during the Wendy’s Grand Re-opening.

    Marquette, MI  – October 26, 2017  –  With the speedy remodel at Wendy’s of Marquette complete, the all new Wendy’s dining experience is something you won’t find anywhere else! We sent our broadcasting crew down to Wendy’s for the Grand Re-opening to find out just what Wendy’s did to take things to the next level and report it live to listeners across the Upper Peninsula!

    This fast food style restaurant has taken a tip from sit-down restaurants to truly enhance your experience. While “Quality is Our Recipe” is the Wendy’s motto for serving the freshest meals, Wendy’s of Marquette wanted to reflect quality in every way, and the building’s face lift most definitely does that.

    When you walk into the restaurant you find a warm fireplace welcoming you and a large flat screen TV on the wall. The whole place smells of fresh chicken, burgers, and fries, and staff at the counter are ready for your order! Our sister station’s Ryan Ranguette and Luke Ghiardi from Fox Sports Marquette are spending the afternoon at Wendy’s with Major Discount for the Grand Re-opening.

    The reopening is going great! What a turn out.
    The reopening is going great! What a turn out.

    Swing by Wendy’s to try the all new chicken tenders with S’AWESOME Sauce meal for just $5.00. Meet Shopping Show Savings Master, Major Discount and the Voices of your Marquette Redmen, Ryan and Luke while you’re checking out the WiFi bar and lounge seating! The guys will be there until 2pm today to celebrate the S’AWESOME re-opening of our neighborhood Wendy’s. All afternoon the Major will be giving away free lunches on-air. Tune in to Sunny.FM 101.9 or 103.3 WFXD for the cue to call 361-DEAL for the chance to win a free lunch! When you dine inside the Major will give you a free frosty or chili to go with your order and you might even get a chance to talk on air!

    People have been showing up all morning saying they heard about the re-opening on the radio. Don’t miss out! Come on down to Wendy’s, across from Holiday Gas Station, to meet the radio guys and check out the remodel – it’s S’AWESOME!

    Listen to live reports from Wendy’s of Marquette with our broadcasting crew:

    Hear from Wendy’s Owner Rich Merrill chatting with Major Discount during the Grand Re-opening
    Luke Ghiardi and Major Discount Say Hi from Wendy’s in Marquette
    Manager Brianna and Major Discount talk about the changes to the building after the remodel at Wendy’s
    Sunny’s Walt Linda jumped on-air with Major Discount
    Rich thanks the community for supporting the new changes at Wendy’s
    Major Discount and Rich invite you to come have lunch at Wendy’s