29th Annual Petunia Pandemonium This Weekend In South Marquette

    Barb Kelly

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The Annual Petunia Pandemonium flower planting event is happening this weekend in Marquette.

    Barb Kelly, Vice President of the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee, and the chair of the of the project, joined the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike today to talk about what’s happening.

    Kelly explained that students from Bothwell Middle School in Marquette are doing a portion of the flower-planting work tomorrow in South Marquette along Front Street/US-41, and the general public is invited to come out on Saturday to complete the effort.

    She said the project serves to beautify the portion of Marquette that is first seen by travelers who come into the city from the south.

    This marks the 29th year of Petunia Pandemonium, and Kelly said over 14,000 people have volunteered to help with the plantings.

    The Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee has spent over $500,000 on the effort over it’s 29-year history.

    If you would like to help out, Kelly said to head to South Marquette along the US-41 corridor this Saturday morning at 10:00, look for all of the volunteers and join in!


    LISTEN IN – Barb Kelly with more about the 29th Annual Petunia Pandemonium in Marquette.