UP Bargains Daily Deal – North Country Disposal


    Winter is over and now is the time to dig in on those house renovation projects; which mean, construction debris! North Country Disposal has 30 yards Roll-Off Container with 5 days of Rent AND 5 TONS of debris disposal, including landfill costs, excluding Shingles. The Shopping Show has a certificate for this container for ONLY $410!


    If shingles are in the container and mixed with paper-plastic-wood-metal it’s extra, then you will be charged an additional fee of $25 per ton payable to North Country Disposal. Of if you put just shingles, and tar paper, nails, with no plastic from the wrappers, no wood, no metal, then it’s just a normal charge. The $25 extra per ton comes when you mix the shingles with others items. So keep that in mind. All weight over 5 tons will be charged $65.00 per ton. (shingles will be charged as described above) Rental is $5.00 per day after 5 days Any landfill fines charged to NCD will be charged to customer

    Call 249-4500 to schedule services & delivery in Marquette, Gwinn, Negaunee & Ishpeming areas. For additional questions, call Gordy at 458-1376…


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