Flashy New Signage and Awesome Burgers at BIG Burger Grille in Harvey

    BIG Burger Grille in Harvey, MI
    A new sign for BIG Burger Grille in Harvey – 906-249-4248

    Marquette, MI   –  March 13, 2017  –  It’s been over a year since the BIG Burger Grille opened up and people are still raving about the delicious burgers, those amazing french fries, and now shakes to go with it. BIG Burger Grille is also sporting a new sign on the building, so they’re easier to find.

    If you like a good burger and you’re looking for some real hand-cut fries, be sure to stop into BIG Burger Grille in Harvey. They’re located at 150 Carmen Drive, in the same building as Main Street Pizza and right across from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.

    big burger grille menu
    Check out all the great items on the menu!

    I was a little late to jump on the BIG Burger Grille bandwagon, but I finally tried a burger from there last week. I called my order in so it would be ready to pick up on my way home from work (906-249-4248). The super friendly staff made sure my order was perfect… a big single bacon cheeseburger with Swiss cheese and an order of fries.

    I figured the burger would be good, but I wasn’t prepared for just how good they were. The burger was amazing – the bacon was crisp, and the burger itself and the fries were cooked to perfection. Remember when you were a kid and the corner diner had those awesome hand-cut fries? The fries at BIG Burger Grille are like that. Everything was great.

    In fact, I texted a couple friends after I finished and told them I found the perfect burger place. We’re making plans to meet there this weekend! Check them out on Facebook and make some time to grab a bite to eat out there. The prices are affordable, the staff is friendly, and the food is fantastic!