UP Bargains Daily Deal – Dogs Beyond the Fence


    Dogs that we choose to become a part of our family “pack” don’t come with training instructions and don’t automatically know how to behave properly. Let Dogs Beyond the Fence help you and your dog learn and bond together. They train all dogs, in all discipline – from basic puppy commands to advanced obedience training. The Shopping Show has a certificate for a  one hour training session customized for you and your dog for ONLY $28!


    Naomi will meet out in the field or at NMU’s dome for the training or at your home. Your dogs could learn the 10 point of good citizenship. Dogs Beyond the Fence will bring you the positive training and human dog iterations to help you jump over the fence in your life.  We have many training opportunities through out Marquette County and are striving to make a better dog community. Call 361-4939 for more information.


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