UP Bargains Daily Deal – Snow Removal from Johnson Glass


    Randy and Cecilia have a trained, qualified team of Snow Pros that are comfortable with heights, and are accustom to being on ladders, roofs, over hangs, and steep roof areas, and are insured and bonded to shovel a roof safely. The Shopping Show has $250 certificates for snow removal for ONLY $150!


    Johnson Glass will not damage your roof or scar your shingles. Johnson uses specialty ladders, specialty bases, special snow remove tools, the best harnesses and rope, and all plastic devises which is easier on your roof. Randy and his team does Ground Clean-Up, removing the snow on the ground after the shovel it off the roof.

    So call for a free estimate and free safety assessment before the project begins. Call 906-361-0361 cecilia@johnsonglasscleaning.com.


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