Casperson Discusses Vote For Gas Tax Increase

    MI Senator Tom Casperson. (R)-Escanaba.
    MI Senator Tom Casperson. (R)-Escanaba.

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The Michigan Senate has approved a bill that phases in a new percentage-based gas tax that would raise more than one billion dollars in new revenue for roads.

    The new tax would be phased in eventually to 15-point-five percent of the wholesale price of gasoline.

    State Senator Tom Casperson, who voted in support of the measure, called in today to the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike to discuss his vote and other aspects of the proposal.

    The Escanaba Republican said the Senate approval of the bill is a starting point for discussions about road funding in Michigan and it will most likely be amended via the House and other negotiations.

    LISTEN IN – State Senator Tom Casperson on the Senate bill addressing road funding via gas tax increases.

    VISIT – State Senator Tom Casperson’s web page.


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