UP Bargains Daily Deal – Western Wide Out Snow Plow


    Winter is here and if you need to move snow out of your way – get it done with this Western plow. This plow is up to 30% More Efficient- The Shopping Show has a great deal on this unit for ONLY $6,000!

    Wide out plow logo

    Get an 8’ blade, a 10’ blade, an 8’10 scoop/pusher blade or a wind rowing machine all at the touch of a button. The WESTERN WIDE-OUT adjustable-wing snow plow hydraulically transforms to move more snow, no matter what the condition. Up to 30% more.

    It’s the ultimate in CONTRACTOR GRADE performance. Western Wide out snow pow – blade expands from 8 ft. to 10 ft. in width. Package includes blade assembly , big box assembly, control 3 port vehicle module, 3 port specific harness and vehicle specific mount. Call 228-8144 for more info.


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