Charter Cable Customers To See Some Upgrades In Service Soon

    Bill Morand and Don Gladwell with Charter.
    Bill Morand and Don Gladwell with Charter.

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – As changes in the personal wireless communication world continue, changes in how content such as cable TV and more will be delivered to consumers will also be underway.

    Don Gladwell, Manager of Government Relations, and Bill Morand, Regional Communications Director, both with Charter, visited The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike recently to discuss these changes.

    Gladwell and Morand talked about how Charter is in the continuing process of upgrading their service to the digital platform and that customers in Upper Michigan will soon need an interface to receive their programs.

    They discussed how the major change to the requirement of digital set-top boxes for cable TV customers will be implemented by early August and what customers need to do to be ready for the switch.

    They also talked about how the future of distribution of television, internet and phone service will be increasingly mobile, instant and on demand and how Charter is adapting to the changes to improve service to their customers.

    LISTEN IN – More on the changes to the Charter distribution landscape.

    VISIT – The Charter website.


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