Health Tip – Sept. 13 – How to Be Fun, Have Fun and Stay Young


    Feel like your life has done a number on your fun factor? You’re not alone. Deadlines, bills, and crazy-busy schedules keep most of us from cutting loose and getting silly. All work and no play isn’t just dull. It negates something that’s hardwired into the human psyche, say “play experts.” Find something that makes you feel like you’re floating free, happy, and totally absorbed in your own play land.

    Haul out your water-color set, old sewing machine, or woodworking tools. Feeling musical? Dust off your old clarinet, take a guitar class, or join a band. Gardening doesn’t just produce beautiful flowers and produce, it can also be a relaxing way to get your daily dose of exercise in a stress-free way. Consider outside-the box workout activities, such as roller skating, salsa, or hula hoop, or join a sports league at work or in your community.

    Tapping into your spontaneous, inner-child packs big benefits for your health, mood, mind, and job, as well as relationships. A recent study shows it eases job strain, connects you with others, and makes you laugh. So what are you waiting for? It’s fun time!


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