Health Tip – Sept. 5 – Simple Rituals Help You Savor Every Bite


    Before you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, perform a short ritual to help you savor every bite and possibly eat less. When researchers had volunteers break a wrapped chocolate bar in half and unwrap each half before eating it, the volunteers enjoyed the chocolate more than when they chowed down without specific directions.

    Perform a taste test:If you put sugar in your coffee, tear open a sugar packet, put a little in, taste it and then add half the packet. Noting the subtle changes in sweetness, could leave you more content with less sugar in your cup.

    Use a candle. Lighting birthday cake candles is one of the most well-known food rituals. Why not celebrate your meal every night? Burning a candlestick before dinner will cast a glow on your food and set the mood for satisfaction.

    Dunk your way to delicious: The classic duo of cookies and milk forces you to slow down and appreciate every morsel of dessert. Break a cookie into quarters, pour a glass of milk and dip each quarter into milk before eating it.


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