Health Tip – Sept. 4 – Six Unhealthy Eating Habits


    Work schedules and family life can make old — and often unhealthy — habits particularly easy to fall back into. And unhealthy habits damage more than your waistline, they can be dangerous to your heart as well. The American Heart Association reports that unhealthy behaviors can slow the process in reducing heart disease and stroke in the population, and that, despite some progress, high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes are still on the rise.

    By proactively confronting bad habits head-on, you stand a better chance of leaving them —and their heart-harming effects — behind, once and for all. Think you’ve got your food habits in check? Here are six unhealthy eating habits you might not even realize you’re doing.

    1. Eating in front of the TV or computer

    2. Eating when you are stressed, depressed or in a rush

    3. Dining out (especially late dining)

    4. Going grocery shopping while you’re hungry

    5. Not being cautious of servings and portion sizes

    6. Rewarding yourself with food

    When life gets busy, prioritizing your health can often fall by the wayside, making room for the above bad habits to sneak in to your routine. Keep healthy by avoiding them whenever you can.


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