Health Tip – Aug. 28 – Family Wellness Tips


    Keeping your family healthy involves healthy food choices, daily exercise and preventative healthcare. These tips involve keeping your child and family healthy through actively taking steps to prevent illness, fight disease and monitor your health.

    1. All children age 3 and older need yearly blood pressure measurements.
    2. Teach your child how to find their heart rate.
    3. Teach your children that they need to wash their hands for 20 seconds. Have kids lather up with soap to kill bacteria.
    4. To avoid muscle injury, teach your kids to stretch their muscles.
    5. Have your child hum the entire alphabet song while brushing to get clean teeth.
    6. Doctors recommend a full 7 or 8 hours a night. Kids need more sleep because they are growing.
    7. Wash cuts with soap and water and place bandages on them right away.
    8. Schedule your child for bi-annual dental appointments to keep their teeth healthy.
    9. Peanuts, whole grapes, popcorn, hot dogs, candy, carrots, and sunflower seeds can be chocking hazards for young children.
    10. To prevent choking accidents, do not allow children to play or run while eating.


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