State Senator Tom Casperson Discusses His Vote On The Medicaid Expansion Bill In Michigan

    MI Senator Tom Casperson. (R)-Escanaba.
    MI Senator Tom Casperson. (R)-Escanaba.

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News/AP) – On a second vote yesterday the state Senate approved a proposal to expand Medicaid in Michigan.  Earlier in the day, the first attempt at Medicaid expansion fell one vote short, but last night the Republican-led chamber voted 20-18 to pass the measure with all 12 Democrats voting in support along with eight Republicans.

    The legislation passed three hours after the Senate fell one vote short on its first attempt, when Republican Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba surprised by voting “no.” That allowed Senator Patrick Colbeck from downstate Canton Township, to not vote, preventing Republican Lt. Governor Brian Calley from breaking a tie.

    Casperson voted “yes” the second time around after the bill was amended to limit how much hospitals can charge the uninsured for medical care.

    Senator Casperson called in to Great Lakes Radio News Director Walt Lindala earlier today to talk about his final vote on the measure and why he voted like he did.

    LISTEN IN – State Senator Tom Casperson on his vote on Medicaid expansion in Michigan.

    VISIT – Senator Casperson’s web page.


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