Musician/Producer With Ties To Upper Michigan Releases New Musical Project

    Paul Saari in the SUNNY Studios.
    Paul Saari in the SUNNY Studios.

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The creative mind behind the new musical group, “BE”, joined The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike today to showcase the project.

    Guitarist/Composer/Producer Paul Saari talked about the project and the long-time creative process behind the music.  He also discussed the length of time it took to assemble all of the elements together to bring the recording to fruition.

    Featuring a multi-layered mix of voices by U.P.-based vocalist Rivka, guitars, keyboards and other sonic textures, the music of “BE” is a heady and ethereal blend.   According to Saari, it is what he hears in his head.  Simply put, the music is him.

    Saari also talked a bit about his background in the music world and how his interests and personal views shaped the band and it’s music in the studio.

    LISTEN IN – Paul Saari discusses “BE”.

    VISIT – The homepage for “BE” and more from Paul Saari.




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