UPAWS Hosts “Collars For A Cause” Event Next Week

    Ann Brownell with UPAWS

    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Ann Brownell with UPAWS joined The SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike today to invite people out on Wednesday, August 14th from Noon – 6PM to Fox Marquette and help an animal in need.

    Ann outlined the “Collars for a Cause” event.  It’s a FREE, offsite pet adoption fair that helps animals in need of a loving family and good home, find one. In addition to finding good homes for animals, it helps raise money for the Upper Peninsula Animal Shelter.

    She explained that UPAWS will be bringing animals that need homes to Fox Marquette. In return, Fox Marquette will be paying the basic adoption fees of all animals adopted from the UPAWS between Noon – 6PM on August 14th.

    She added that people interested in adopting a pet must stop by Fox Marquette to see the animals and obtain an Adoption Voucher. The animals at the shelter, Petsmart and in foster care are included too BUT you must stop at FOX first to obtain a voucher.

    LISTEN  – Ann Brownell on the latest UPAWS event,

    VISIT – The UPAWS website.


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