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It Takes a Community: Silver Creek Back-to-School Block Party

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The Back-to-School Block Party provides school supplies to kids in our community… and it’s a lot of fun!

By Kevin Taylor, senior pastor at Silver Creek Church on Silver Creek Road in Marquette, near Harvey.

Marquette, Michigan is a wonderful community! Don’t simply take my word for it. In 2010 Forbes ranked Marquette third in its list of “The Best Small Cities to Raise a Family.”

My family and I moved here 11 years ago from Erie, PA, and I have come to embrace this community as my own. I feel like I belong here. When we feel as if we belong in a particular community, we care about those who live within that community.

In a speech made in 1963, President John F. Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” As residents of Marquette, we realize that as we invest our efforts into becoming more community-minded, we actually become a better community.

Great Lakes Radio
School shopping at the Block Party in 2012

One of the ways that we can see every boat lifted within our community is to make sure that our children are well-prepared to start school in the fall.

For the past 5 years, the Silver Creek Neighborhood Block Party (August 17th) has been investing in our community by providing backpacks and school supplies for those children who may need them but whose families may struggle to provide them. Children’s clothing has also been added to the event in order to assist families.

Last year, 356 children received backpacks, school supplies, and an estimated 3,000 articles of clothing made available for those who attended the event.

Donate school supplies for kids in need in your community

This year’s goal is 500 backpacks with school supplies and 5,000 articles of clothing. It seems daunting, but community members are already participating by dropping off donations of backpacks, school supplies, and clothing in drop-boxes around the area.

For more information on the event or how you can impact our community by participating in the Block Party, please visit our website at www.silvercreekblockparty.org.

The Silver Creek Neighborhood Block Party is sponsored by Silver Creek Church in Harvey.


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