UP Bargains Daily Deal – Auto Armor Exterior/Interior Cleaning


    Large sized vehicles and trucks handle large size jobs of hauling cargo, passengers or both. Doing all that work your vehicle was designed to do, they get dirty and need cleaning. Let Auto Armor restore the appearance of your vehicle to like new! Let UP Bargains SAVE you $$$ on cleaning your Suburban, Van or Truck!

    Auto Armor business_R

    The experts at Auto Armor are the best at giving your car or truck that new car feeling again.  Full treatment from Auto Armor including vacuum and shampoo of all carpeting, your choice of Auto Armor renewer (for vehicles with Auto Armor surface rust protection) or wash , wax and hand-polish the exterior, clean the glass all the way around, dress your dashboard with a shiny protectant and clean all seats, doors and interior.

    When you get your vehicle back, you might mistake it for new! This service requires that you leave your vehicle with Auto Armor for one full business day. Call Ardi to make an appointment for this service at (906) 228-5353.

    Note: A large vehicle is considered a full-sized SUV (Durango, Suburban, Tahoe) a full-sized van and large full-sized 4-door passenger cars (most Cadillacs & Lincolns).


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