Snyder in Marquette Talking About Medicaid Expansion

    Great Lakes Radio News Update
    Governor Rick Snyder addresses the crowd at MGH in Marquette, MI.

    MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)Governor Rick Snyder brought his “Healthy Michigan” campaign for expanded Medicaid coverage in the state to Marquette today.

    Snyder met this morning with officials at Marquette General Hospital as part of a statewide push for legislation passed in the State House expanding eligibility for government-provided health insurance to 320,000 residents next year.

    Snyder says a move by the Republican-controlled State Senate who recently adjourned without voting on the measure does not make sense to him.

    Several Senators have said they will not support the measure. Snyder has spent the last few weeks touring health care facilities around the state making his case for passing the measure in the Senate.

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