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    Bicycling is one of the Top 10 exercises individuals can participate in that has cardio benefits. The UP has numerous trails that will afford bikers the opportunity to enjoy their sport. UP Bargains has a Men’s Cannondale 13 ‘Trail 7’ Bike that will make their biking experience pleasurable. Whether it’s your first bike or a replacement, Cannondale will serve make your biking enjoyable for years to come.

    2013 Men's Cannondale 13 'Trail 7' Bike
    2013 Men’s Cannondale 13 ‘Trail 7’ Bike

    Men’s Cannondale 13 ‘Trail 7’ Bike Medium Black With frame weights and technology that rivals anything found on the World Cup race circuit just a few years back, the TRAIL series proves that riders don’t have to spend a ton to get truly exceptional performance. Available in either the lightweight TRAIL or superlight TRAIL SL, in both 26″ and 29″ versions, there’s a TRAIL for everyone from the first-time rider to the seasoned trail veteran. Give Down Wind a Call for any additional details at 226-7112


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