40-Year Search For Jimmy Hoffa Reignited


    UP news updatesMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)Federal agents searching for the body of former Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa believe they are about to crack one of America’s biggest unsolved mysteries.

    A suspicious concrete slab was retrieved by investigators from the Oakland Township field where they have been digging for any sign of Hoffa. It’s too soon, however, to know whether the slab is anything more than part of an old foundation for a barn.

    Soil and excavation experts from Michigan State University are now aiding the search for Hoffa’s remains which is expected to last about a week.  The dig, the latest in what’s been nearly a 40-year search, is reportedly the result of extensive FBI interviews with former mobster Tony Zerilli.

    The now 85-year old Zerilli was convicted of organized crime as a reputed mafia captain. He was in prison on July, 30 1975 – when Hoffa disappeared from a Bloomfield Township restaurant – but says he was informed about Hoffa’s whereabouts after his release.

    Zerilli is the son of Detroit mafia founder Joe Zerilli and served as the Detroit mob underboss from 1979 to 2002.  Hoffa was president of the Teamsters union until 1971.

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