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Innovative Handmade Ice Cream Hits Marquette

WKQS fm Sunny Great Lakes Radio
Lemon Poppyseed, up close and personal

The U.P. tradition of independence is alive in ice cream this summer!

Alex McCracken opened the Fly By Night ice cream stand to bring a unique twist to the spectrum of ice cream options available to Marquettians, and it. Is. Delicious.

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Truly excellent ice cream

Flavors have included Lemon Poppyseed, Sweet Potato Pie, “Real Deal” Vanilla, Orange-Cardamom with Dates, Avocado, Toasted Coconut, Blueberry, Early Gray, Basil, Orange Dreamcicle, and more… Sound a little strange? Don’t knock it til you try it. Basil ice cream actually resembles mint, but may be even tastier. It is all fresh and handmade, after all.

WKQS fm Sunny Great Lakes Radio
Alex McCracken: entrepreneur, artist, and ice cream expert

The ice cream stand is located on Baraga, outside the Marquette Bread Co, next to Dead River Coffee and the Marquette Food Co-op.

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The sun’s out and the ice cream is frosty!

Fly By Night is open from 12-6  Monday through Saturday! (But don’t look for him in the rain..)

Come out and try it for yourself!


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