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    Now and then, party hosts like to show off their cooking skills when they plan an event. If your next party requires a grill and or smoker then The Shopping Show has an item that will get the job done right AND Save you $$!! Rent a BBQ-Smoker from JRJ Food Equipment Sales for ONLY $105!

    JRJ Food Equipment Sales Marquette
    JRJ Food Equipment Sales Marquette

    This Lyfe Tyme portable grill is 20 in. deep by 40 in. long,or the smaller grill is 18 in. by 18 in. The grill is mounted on a trailer using a “Torflex” axle and 15″ tires and wheels. It is equipped with lights and a 2″ bull-dog hitch. It also includes a wood basket and ice chest holder behind the pit and a water cooler or small keg holder on the front of the trailer.

    JRJ located 405 Brookton Road in Marquette Township. Call 906.237.1555 for reservations and availability! Visit their website!



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