U.P. Will Have Wolf Hunt


    Great Lakes Radio News UpdateMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)There will be a wolf hunt this fall in parts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

    The Michigan Natural Resources Commission approved a wolf hunting season yesterday with a target of 43 wolves to be killed. The DNR says the state has an estimated 658 wolves in the Upper Peninsula.

    The DNR recommended the hunt as part of a strategy to cut down on the number of wolves in parts of the U.P. where wolves have attacked livestock and pets. The Natural Resources Commission’s approval of a hunt came just a day after Governor Rick Snyder signed into law legislation authorizing the commission to designate game species in Michigan.

    The bill gives the commission the responsibility to establish managed open season hunts for wild game and authority to regulate the taking of fish.

    Opponents of a wolf hunt say it could result in the animal again winding up on the endangered species list.

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