New Additions to Wolf Hunt Legislation


    Great Lakes Radio News UpdateMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)The Michigan Senate put the final touches on legislation that allows the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to designate game species.

    The measure disables a potential voter referendum to block a wolf hunt, since the NRC, as well as the legislature retains the ability to schedule a wolf hunt.

    The Senate gave immediate effect to the bill and sent it to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk for his signature. Approval of the measure caps off extremely quick action, as many have applauded the effort because it ensures the state can schedule a gray wolf hunt in the Upper Peninsula, where residents say wolves are becoming a nuisance in populated areas.

    Opponents of a wolf hunt say it could result in the animal again winding up on the endangered species list. Supporters of a hunt say that won’t happen because the hunt will be strictly managed.

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