Possible Wolf Hunt in Michigan


    Possible wolf season in MichiganMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)The Michigan Legislature appears poised to approve a measure allowing for limited hunting of gray wolves in the state.

    The measure establishes wolves as a game animal, and gives the Michigan Natural Resources Commission the power to create a wolf hunting season, if it so chooses.

    Some critics of the bill say the current population of 700 wolves in the state is not enough to allow hunting the animal.  But others, including farmers and many Upper Peninsula residents, say the wolves are becoming a threat to farm livestock, pets and people.

    States such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana have approved similar legislation.  Up to 50 livestock deaths per year have been attributed to the state’s wolf population, according to supporters of the bill.

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    1. Please see the pitfall, the cliff this drives off. Remove two wolves from a pack of 10 and a new pack of 2 may form next to the pack of 8, or two wolves from the pack may decide that new nextdoor space is room enough for them to start a new pack with friendly closely-related neighbors. You can at least double the number of pups born in in a pack’s territory, just reduce their number by 2!

      Look at the math, or have somebody look at the math – know how a pure buck season works on deer? Cranks up the reproduction rate and produces surplus deer. so many you have to soon add a doe season to protect crops or what the deer eat.

      Sorry to shout: This is immensely worse than a pure buck season on wolves!!! For wolves every wolf in their pack is a buck, except two refractory ones you can’t get rid of – removing the breeding pair just turns other wolves into them. Plus, every two wolves removed can allow a new pack and turns two other wolves from bucks to does!!!

      These kind of “does” have a lot of “fawns”. Half a wolf litter of wolf pups each. Many or most wolf pups die by next litter’s birth, but as long as they live they eat. They eat much. If growing a single wolf pup to full size does not take much more food than a hunted wolf replaced, they are much much more efficient growing than dogs, I’m no expert on that.

      But one thing I do know (caveman biologist here): it assures that any wolf control on their own population is broken. They could control their own numbers. If their packs grew enough that the litter’s survivors only replaced losses they would control their own numbers, there would not be enough breeding wolves. Every time a pack gets larger by two – they remove territory that would mean two wolf “does” could have a breeding pack. They run, not their own doe season, but again, something with a much stronger effect!

      Does this control their numbers? Never been tested but it will better than the sport ultra-buck season on wolves will. They control their numbers by having packs and territories. You only have to damage that a little to have many more smaller packs and breeding wolves and pups. And this is very very important: it greatly increases the pressure on the deer population exactly when both fawns and wolf pups are growing up.

      Yes, deer are evolved to produce enough fawns to more than compensate for normal predation. But not enough to have people run the wolf reproduction rate up towards a litter per pair! You want all the fawns to be fed to wolf pups, and still half the pups starve?


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