UP Bargains Daily Deal – Northern Night Series


    Northern Nights series as they present the Wisaal (WIH-saal) at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6 in Forest Roberts Theatre. Tickets are on sale now on The Shopping Show for ONLY $14!

    Reserved Seating Admission Tickets

    Wisaal is a Mediterranean fusion group based in Lansing, MI. The Arabic word wisaal means links, connections, or unities. This reflects an attempt to fuse elements of the Mediterrenean musical heritage with klezmer, Indian, and American influences. Formed in 2010, Wisaal has continuously developed and refined their music while performing throughout the United States. Their music has been described as both engaging and complex, a lively, deeply spiritual tapestry of interwoven influences and melodies, times and cultures.

    Call 228-6800 to reserve your today at our Great Lakes Radio office!


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