UP Bargains Daily Deal – Applewood Eatery


    Applewood Eatery is in itself something new to Escanaba. However, the menu of items offered at the Applewood Eatery is out of this world! It’s worth the drive to enjoy the delicious items  prepared at Applewood Eatery. The Shopping Show has $10 certificates for ONLY $6!

    $10 Gift Certificate Food Items


    For the meat lover, the “Skyscraper” omelet; ham, bacon, sausage, onions, green peppers, fresh thyme, Swiss and cheddar cheese…

    For the light eater…perhaps a bagel sandwich, like the ‘Breakfast Sammy’ or a ‘Protein Plate’; a hard boiled egg with choice of cheese, almonds and fresh apple slices, or ‘Parfait & Nutty Granola’.

    Applewood is open M-F 8a-4p and Sat 8a – 3p and closed on Sunday and Monday. Check out thier Facebook page!


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