Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Word of the Day – Jan. 15 – Kanban

Noun: Kanban  (KAHN-bahn)Definition: A manufacturing strategy wherein parts are produced or delivered only as needed.Sample sentence: In order to stay competitive, the company needs...

Word of the Day – June 8 – Cognoscente

Noun: Cognoscente (kahn-yuh-SHEN-tee)Definition: A person who has expert knowledge in a subject: connoisseurSample sentence: Derrick was a cognoscente of fine art and knew...

Word of the Day – Sept. 16 – Contumacious

Adjective: Contumacious (kahn-too-MAY-shus)Definition: Stubbornly disobedient: rebelliousSample sentence: Every morning I expect my teenage daughter to be contumacious when I try to get her...

Word of the Day – July 19 – Convoluted

Adjective: Convoluted (KAHN-vuh-loo-tud)Definition: 1. Having many twists and curves 2. Involved, intricateSample sentence: According to my sister’s convoluted reasoning, I still owed her $20.