Home Shopping Show You Can Get Big Deals on Big Things With UP Bargains

You Can Get Big Deals on Big Things With UP Bargains

Big Deals on UP Bargains
Big Deals on UP Bargains

Marquette, MI – When you wake up on Wednesday mornings and you want to save money you tune in to the 2022 Station of the Year Award-Winning 101.9 Sunny FM for UP Bargains! Catch Mark and Walt discussing the latest and greatest discounts to be found on UP Bargains. There are lots of money saving new deals on the show that are great for spring adventures! These incredible local bargains can even be emailed straight to your inbox! Go ahead and get signed up now for UP Bargains Newsletter!

If you are ready to go for The Big Three concert in Gwinn then you are in even more luck than before. Hit this deal on tickets now.

Running out of spending cash and need some new shoes? Good news, Queen City Running Co has a deal made just for you that will save you a lot of dough.

AuTrain River Canoe & Kayaks is here to help take your UP aquatic adventures to new places with affordable rentals of various sizes of canoes and kayaks.

Ever wanted to try to feed the family for fewer dollars? KFC Marquette has a handful of great options to help you do just that. Meals you won’t have to wing.


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