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Michigan Helmet Repeal Going Nowhere Right Now


Lansing– The senate Helmet Repeal seems to be going Nowhere.

The senate introduced a new helmet law, amended and passed it. Then the house amended & added to it and passed it. Now it’s back to the senate and stalled.

No Shirt-No Shoes-No Service... No helment-No Ride ... Good!

Our Lansing sources have indicated that a bill that will allow motorcycle riders to ride without a helmet if they are 21 years or older will continue to sit in the State Senate for the foreseeable future.

After passing the State House in November, Senate Bill 291 has not been scheduled for a vote to concur in the House changes. The House added a provision requiring riders to carry an additional $20,000 in medical insurance.

Our contacts in Lansing said it is possible that the Senate is waiting to see if an auto no-fault bill comes out of the House before taking any action.

Click Here to Read the Bill.

What do you think about being able to ride at fast speeds with no helmet on?

I mean think about it.  There’s dumb and then really dumb.

No helmet, No protection, Really dumb!


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