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Why I Strongly Dislike Winter, and My Son Loves It

Holden Sledding in 2015
Holden Sledding in 2015

Negaunee, MichiganOctober 15, 2018 – There was snow on my car this morning. It was awful. I live in Negaunee Township, where we tend to get way more of the stuff than everyone else because of the higher elevation. I hate it! My car had at least an inch and a half if not two on it this morning. So sad.

I often wonder why I still live here in the U.P. when I dislike winter so much. I mean, there are reasons, such as my entire immediate family and my husband’s live here in Marquette County and always have, I went to Northern Michigan University and didn’t leave, etc. But I would love to be a snowbird. Living here in the U.P. during summer and fall then flying away to somewhere warm during the harsh winter months would be perfect. Maybe I’d like to be here for a few weeks of winter. But definitely not all nine months of it. It’s too much!

I dislike winter because:

1. It’s freezing. All the time.

2. There’s a ton of clean up such as shoveling, snow-blowing, plowing, etc.

3. It’s slippery and dangerous on the roads and everyone seems to forget how to drive in winter.

4. Unless you play a winter sport or take part in a winter-related activity (skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, etc.) it’s a useless season.

5. It’s dark for 3/4 of the season, which is depressing.

Sure, it can be beautiful and all, but I’d rather have winter for November-December and be done with it. Maybe I could withstand January, too. After that, no more winter!

Holden in the Snow in 2015
Holden in the Snow in 2015

My son loves winter, though. He gets so excited when it’s snowing. Case in point- he noticed yesterday that it began to snow, gasped with surprise, and immediately ran to get his jacket and stuff on so he could go outside. He’s a lover of snowmen, forts, and snow angels. He’s entranced by the falling flakes, and catching them on his tongue. He enjoys coming in after a long day of winter play to a hot cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

He is beginning hockey soon, too, and couldn’t be happier to begin a “winter” sport. Winter mesmerizes him. It melts my icy feelings towards winter when I see his rosy little cheeks and nose with his brilliant smile while we build a snowman together. Living here to witness his enjoyment about winter is worth it.

I guess there’s the answer to why I strongly dislike winter, and why my son loves it. I should take a lesson from him and just learn to enjoy it. I’ll be here a while, so might as well!

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