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Kelsey’s Yoga Journey at Honor Yoga

Kelsey's Yoga Journey at Honor Yoga
Kelsey’s Yoga Journey at Honor Yoga

Negaunee, MichiganOctober 10, 2018 – I am currently on a mission. A mission to lead a healthier life physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s a long journey, actually considered a practice, and it will be ongoing for the rest of my life. I’ve chosen to do this, and I am ready. What led me to all of this, is yoga.

I began practicing yoga about 3 years ago. I had been a dancer from the ages of 4 to 19, but stopped after having my son at 20 years old. It was too hard to keep up with school, work, a boyfriend, and a baby. How could I possibly keep up with a favorite pastime when I had all of that to do? So my health was pushed to the (very) back burner. Fast forward to 2015.

I had recently started a new job, and had young son to take care of, so getting fit was the last thing on my mind – until I realized one day that all of my clothes were too tight, or worse, didn’t fit anymore. It was that realization that brought me to yoga.

I felt I was too old to pick up dancing again, as there wasn’t any adult dance classes available around here (that I knew of). Driving to downtown Marquette one day, I noticed a new studio opening up; TuliVesi Yoga. I thought to myself, “I’m going to try it.”

So I did. I walked in with a $10 WalMart yoga mat picked up the day before with my too-tight workout clothes on and a determined look. I did the 1 hour class, and let me just say that is kicked my butt. I was drowning in sweat and I hurt everywhere and felt like I was dying. I said to myself, “Okay, that sucked, but I kind of liked how it sucked. So I guess I’ll go back tomorrow.”

I went back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, until I was going to yoga 5 days a week for 1 hour classes. I did this for 2 years, and lost 30 pounds. And all I was doing, was yoga. But I didn’t just lose weight. I gained a new perspective on life. I gained a positive outlook. And I finally felt better.

Fast forward to August 2017. I met Bri Salmela. She is an amazing individual, so strong and sure and kind.  She opened her Baptiste style yoga studio, Honor Yoga, August 1st of 2017 in downtown Negaunee, very close to my home. That day, I switched studios and stepped into my first class with Bri. I was blown away by the feeling of community and closeness and acceptance that was everywhere in that little room. I had found my “Yoga Home.”

Since then, she has held numerous classes and workshops, introduced a new kind of class called YOD (which is incredible in and of itself), and gained a true following of devoted Yogis. I’m even in her Yoga Teacher Training course to earn my RYT200 Certification. I’m set to finish the program in January!

Baron Baptiste's "40 Days to Personal Revolution" Photo Credit: Baptiste Institute
Baron Baptiste’s “40 Days to Personal Revolution” Photo Credit: Baptiste Institute

Skip ahead to October 2, 2018; the first day of the “40 Days to Personal Revolution” workshop, a new kind of “self-help” class that runs for 7 weeks. October 2 was a turning point for myself and my fellow yogis in the workshop. It’s a pivotal moment in my life. I just finished Week 1. It is HARD. It’s a total transformation of your mind, body, and soul.

I plan to tell you more about it, but I felt I needed to post about how I got here in the first place before I got into the thick of it with the program I began so recently.

Look forward to my post tomorrow, October 11, to explain the program a little bit more, and how I’m doing. Let’s just say, it is one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever taken on. But I am ready and willing to make the changes!

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