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Pigs and Heat Battle Tonight in Marquette

Jim Finkbeiner gets Charlie Enright in a headlock in the Sunny Studios

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The stage is set and the all the trash talking is over!  The teams are ready and the gauntlet has been thrown down!  It’s time for the annual Pigs-N-Heat hockey game.

Tonight’s game pits teams featuring members of Marquette County’s law enforcement and firefighting communities battling it out for bragging rights on the ice at Lakeview Arena in Marquette.

Charlie Enright with the Negaunee City Fire Department and Jim Finkbeiner with the Marquette City Police Department brought the battle to the SUNNY Morning Show today to preview tonight’s match up.

They also explained what the evening is all about, raising funds for the Pigs-N-Heat Charity Fire Relief Fund.  The fund helps out people affected by fire in Marquette County and the game has raised over $300,000 for the fund since it’s inception in 1984.

To listen to the trash talk between Enright and Finkbeiner ( and the rest of the interview), please click on the audio link below:







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