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Early Season Hockey Action: the Negaunee Miners (2) vs the Escanaba Eskimos (10) on 101.9 Sunny.FM 12/05/2016

Faceoff in the Eskimos' zone
Faceoff in the Eskimos’ zone

Escanaba, MIDecember 5th, 2016 – It was a short road trip for the Negaunee Miners hockey team as they ventured down to Escanaba for their early-season game against the Eskimos. The action started off right away with a quick break after the Miners won the opening draw. Negaunee found themselves on the favorable end of a power play, but they were unable to convert any scoring chances into a goal. The shots on net were tied at 7-7 six minutes into the first period. Escanaba put the puck into the net first; the result of a great screen and a shot from the blue line in the Negaunee end. The Eskimos added another goal to their total when the Miners’ defense got beaten on a break from the Escanaba end of the ice. The scoring continued for the Eskimos, and they put in their third goal of the period on a wrist shot from the top of the circles just minutes before the end of the first period.

First Period Score:
Negaunee Miners: 0
Escanaba Eskimos: 5

Ryan and Luke looking stylish
Ryan and Luke looking stylish

It continued to be the Eskimos’ game in the second period, and one of their players got a hat-trick on the night, making it 0-6 just over one minute into the period. The Negaunee Miners weren’t giving up though, and they were trying to find a way to stop the Eskimos’ strong offensive skills. Some of the Miners players were beginning to look worn-out, and the team was running out of energy constantly playing on the defensive. Negaunee found some life midway though the period when they were able to score two goals of their own, bringing down the gap between the two teams. The period was winding-down, but Negaunee wasn’t out of the game yet. Several times, the Miners were able to throw great shots at the goal, but Escanaba’s goalie came up big with stops for each of the shots. By the time the buzzer sounded, the Eskimos were able to add to their total, extending their lead to 2-8.

Second Period Score:
Negaunee Miners: 2
Escanaba Eskimos: 8

After the action by the Escanaba goal
After the action by the Escanaba goal

It was a tough first two periods for the Negaunee Miners hockey team, and they trailed by a total of six goals going into the third. Escanaba won the draw, and they immediately drove to the Miners’ zone but were unable to score. It continued to be a tough night for the Miners, and Escanaba made it 2-9 three minutes into the final period. The Miners’ frustration was visible, and they began to accumulate penalty minutes. At just over nine minutes remaining in the game, the Eskimos scored their 10th goal, and that put the mercy rule into effect, ending the Miners’ chances for making a comeback.

Final Game Score:
Negaunee Miners: 2
Escanaba Eskimos: 10

LISTEN IN – The Negaunee Miners are defeated by the Escanaba Eskimos 2-10 on 101.9 Sunny.FM on December 5th, 2016.mp3