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The Negaunee Miners Hockey Team (8) Takes on the L’Anse Purple Hornets (3) at Home 12/01/2016

Showing off for Parents' Night
Showing off for Parents’ Night

Negaunee, MIDecember 1st, 2016 – It was the first Negaunee Miners hockey game of the year on Sunny.FM, and the action couldn’t have been more anticipated! Negaunee was able to win the opening puck drop, and they quickly dumped the puck into the Purple Hornets’ zone. Just three and a half minutes into the first period, the Miners’ Trevor Borlace put the first point of the game onto the scoreboard. L’Anse evened the game back up at 1-1 just two minutes later on a breakaway that beat two Negaunee defenders. Trevor Borlace put his second goal of the game into the net on a power play, and that allowed Negaunee to retake the lead 2-1 with just under six minutes left in the first period. However, less than a minute later, the Purple Hornets kept the scoring by putting the puck into the Marquette net on an even-strength goal, making it 2-2 late in the first. It was non-stop action as the Miners added two more goals to their total before the first quarter ended.

First Period Score:
Negaunee Miners: 4
L’Anse Purple Hornets: 2

Second period action
Second period action

The Purple Hornets started the second period with a man up on the Negaunee Miners, but they were unable to convert the power play into a goal. The second quarter turned out to be another period of high-scoring action, as the Miners were the first team to add to their total three minutes into the second. L’Anse brought it back to within two however, when the Miners got sloppy and allowed another lax goal, making it 5-3. Peyton Anderson put in another goal for the Miners just over midway through the second, and that brought Negaunee’s score to double that of the Purple Hornets. Just seconds before the end of the second period, Trevor Borlace put the puck into the net once again, his third goal of the game so far.

Second Period Score:
Negaunee Miners: 7
L’Anse Purple Hornets: 3

More Parents' Night action in Negaunee
More Parents’ Night action in Negaunee

Both teams were even-strength at the start of the final period, but that wouldn’t last long as the Negaunee Miners soon found themselves down a player after an interference call. With 30 seconds remaining in the penalty, Marquette committed another penalty, giving the Purple Hornets a 3-5 opportunity. However, L’Anse was unable to break through the Miner’s defense, and it returned to five on five action without any scoring. As the game wore on, the referees put the kaibosh on any cheap hits, and a third of the way through the final quarter, the Miners had a 5-minute major penalty after a huge hit. They were forced to play a 3 on 5 for two minutes due to that major penalty, however, the Miners were having no problems stopping the power play. The penalties continued to stack up for Negaunee as the refs cracked-down on the hitting, not wanting things to get out of control, bringing it back to 3 on 5 for two more minutes. The final period was winding down, but the penalties continued to pile up for both teams. Marquette had to deal with more than six minutes, not including the major penalty, of man-down play in the third, however, their defense held up, stopping the Purple Hornets.

Final Game Score:
Negaunee Miners: 8
L’Anse Purple Hornets: 3

LISTEN IN – The Negaunee Miners defeat the L’Anse Purple Hornets 8-3 in Negaunee on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 on Sunny.FM.mp3